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From: Gabrielle Fontaine, PB
Certified QuickBooks


Dear QuickBooks User,

Give me just 10 minutes once a week, and I'll show you how to save HOURS of frustration with QuickBooks.

The ads for QuickBooks software tout how easy it is to track your sales and expenses so you can have accurate financial records. That's the promise. But what they don't tell you is that the learning curve can really slow you down.

NOT Knowing How to Use QuickBooks the Right Way
Can Be Hazardous to your Business

The biggest challenge QuickBooks users struggle with is getting specific functions done right. When they aren't sure how to handle certain kinds of transactions, they just fake it. Not a smart idea. That can really mess up the books and leave your financial records useless.

But who has time to learn how to use the myriad of features this powerful software has to offer? How do you know which ones will fit your business?

That's where my online training mini-lessons, QB QuickTips, comes in!

"Gabrielle ... explains QuickBooks so that mere mortals can understand it."

"I've always felt a little intimidated by QuickBooks. But now that I've experienced a walkthrough of some of the concepts with Gabrielle, I believe that I can really learn to utilize this important software. Gabrielle clearly knows her stuff and explains QuickBooks so that mere mortals can understand it."

--Joan Pollock, Princeton, NJ

The importance of accurate financial records cannot be overstated, but you can't spend all day doing the data entry either! QB QuickTips is designed to give you laser-focused training in QuickBooks using short (10 minutes or less) online videos you can watch anytime, night or day.

Each week you'll get a new video Mini-Lessons of just 10 minutes or less that shows you click-by-click how to use ultra-efficient tips, tricks and shortcuts for lightning speed recordkeeping using QuickBooks.

And the best part is it's - FREE!

Here's just a tiny glimpse into the kind of laser-focused training you'll get ...


How to easily keep your bank and credit card accounts up to date
(so you won't be scrambling through old statements when tax time comes around).



Easy-to-follow, click-by-click video instructions right from your desktop, anytime you need them. (It doesn't matter if it's 3:00 AM and you're pulling your hair out!)


How to avoid the most common time-sucking mistakes almost everyone makes with the Accounts Payable and Sales Tax functions


The secret workarounds and shortcuts that the QuickBooks help files won't tell you about (Only the experts know about these tricks).


The truth about mixing business funds with personal funds (and how to easily keep them straight using simple QuickBooks shortcuts hardly anybody knows about) ...


And much MUCH more!

Even If You've Been Using QuickBooks for Years, Learn to Speed Up Tasks By Using Tricks You Never Knew Existed

Every year QuickBooks comes out with a new version. That means there are always new improvements you need to learn when you upgrade the software. With my easy mini-lessons you can painlessly master the new features fast so you can get the most out of QuickBooks and save yourself HOURS of trial-and-error learning.

"I can see where short sessions ... would be extremely useful and constructive."

"I found your instruction very helpful. I can see where short sessions devoted to individual areas of the QuickBooks program would be extremely useful and constructive"

--Al Eaton, CPA, Sanders, Walsh & Eaton, LLP

Isn't it time you turbo-charged your efficiency and accuracy with QuickBooks so you can spend more of your time on profit-generating tasks?

Here's Your Chance to Finally Learn QuickBooks the Fast, Convenient, and Simple Way, No Matter What Your Skill Level

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Here's to YOUR success with QuickBooks...10 minutes at a time!

Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor

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P.P.S.  Are you willing to spend just 10 minutes a week to save HOURS of wasted frustration and effort? Or would you rather dig through convoluted help files to find everything but the answer you need? I thought not.

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